Rye Football Club’s senior team scored a fabulous one point win over arch rivals Sorrento Sharks Football Club at RJ Rowley Reserve on Saturday 6 June 2015, and I was there for the first time in season 2015.

Final scores Rye 12-12-84 def Sorrento 11-17-83.

In a great come-from-behind win, Rye’s Toby Woodford kicked a winning goal with under 30 seconds left on the clock. Andrew Dean scored 3 goals and Leigh Morse showed the youngsters in the team how to play disciplined and focussed football against good opposition. Kris Bardon seemed to be in just about every photo I took of the critical action through the centre, and Simon Taylor was strong and tall in ruck. Jye Lloyd seems to have had a great summer in the gym, and was a tower of strength in the backlines.

Rye’s win puts it on top of the table with 24 points.

Photos of the game:


Goal Kickers: A. Dean 3, N. Henley 2, L. Morse 2, S. Taylor , A. Gileno , T. Woodford , B. Winters-Kerr , K. Bardon
Best Players: S. Taylor , L. Morse , M. Dunn , K. Bardon , R. Mullett , J. Lloyd