Rye Football Club’s senior team snatched defeat from the jaws of victory today at RJ Rowley Reserve, Rye, allowing the Hillmen from Red Hill Football Club to beat them with practically the last kick of the game. Red Hill’s running brigade kept running throughout the game, and Rye’s efforts to contain Red Hill’s run out of defence proved largely ineffective. Rye frequently set up a zone to attempt to keep the ball inside 50, but found themselves in no-man’s land yielding opportunities for Red Hill to kick short, or go long over the top of the zone.

Rye led from quarter time, and gave up a 3 goal advantage in the last quarter to lose to Red Hill by 3 points: Red Hill 10-9-69 def Rye 10-6-66

Jack Nisbet’s game in ruck was the best since joining Rye, and Harrison Richardson, Dayne Thomson, James Appleford and Harry Whitty had good games too – it’s always interesting to review photos after the game and see who features regularly in the pictures – more often than not it matches form on the day. Rye’s mid field dynamos Ryan Mullet and Kris Bardon had touches around the game, but never sparked Rye into a truly dominant force.

Photos from the game are here: